Oh the things you can make with Teresa's



Nopales Pico De Gallo

A delicious and easy vegetarian option, use the 16 oz tub of our Pico de Gallo, prepared small-diced nopales, a squeeze of lemon, and pinch of salt. Perfect for tostadas!



One of our favorite soups! Our Salsa Verde can also be used in place of the Roasted Roja sauce. Slow cook a pork shoulder with a jar of Roasted Roja and 16oz of chicken broth, cook until pork is fork tender and shred into small pieces then set aside. Take a medium onion, pepper, and zucchini and dice them all to the same size. Take a large stock pot and sauté veggies until tender, then add the pork and cooking liquid, a small can of hominy, and let simmer until the flavors come together. Top with cilantro, shredded cabbage, white onions, cotija cheese, radishes, and sliced jalapeños. 

eggy tacos.jpg

Breakfast Tacos

A simple and delicious way to use our hot or mild fresh salsa. Scramble eggs, char a poblano chile, place in a small tortilla, and top with a hefty spoonful of salsa!   

salsa verde ench.jpg


Slow cook chicken breasts or thighs (we have also used pork shoulder) in a 16 oz jar  of our Salsa Verde until the meat is easily pulled apart with a fork. You can add jalapeños, or onions for some extra heat and flavor. Then use as a filling with the cheese of your choice to assemble the enchiladas.


Asada Shrimp Cocktail

Use our Salsa Asada for shrimp, veggies, or your other seafood favorites to make a light and refreshing snack.