About US

Teresa’s is owned by two women who love to cook and believe that delicious food shouldn’t be expensive

Teresa's Gourmet Foods is owned and operated by Catherine Masterson and Eve Krammer, two women who love to cook and feed the people around them. They believe that fresh and delicious food doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Catherine and Eve have lived in California for many years and both immersed themselves in the local Santa Cruz food scene working for farms and businesses that feed the community and beyond. During that time, both women realized they wanted to contribute to the amazing food being produced by like-minded individuals.

In 2011 they were given the opportunity to purchase Teresa's Gourmet Foods, a long standing local business and one of the first fresh salsa companies in Santa Cruz. They expanded, rebranded, revitalized, and added more products to their line-up. In addition to the fresh Hot, Mild, and Pico de Gallo salsas that are sold, Catherine and Eve created three new roasted salsas and simmer sauces that taste amazing and contain no additives or preservatives, but only the finest ingredients. These sauces are vegan and gluten-free, and they can be used by by anyone and everyone to cook a meal that takes minutes to make, but tastes like it took hours to prepare.